“ON THE SURFACE kicks off with a good dose of steam, and a side helping of sweet.”
~ Under the Covers

I had this book on my radar when it first came out and then quite frankly forgot all about it.  It was recommended in a group I’m on Facebook and since I was feeling a need for a sports romance I gave it a go.  And I’m so glad I did!

Fans of Jaci Burton’s Play by Play should definitely check this series out.  Revolving around one team of hot hockey players, ON THE SURFACE kicks off with a good dose of steam, and a side helping of sweet.  This romance between one of the best players in the team and a nurse who started off not caring about hockey but coming to Tim’s help was just what I needed!  I gobbled it up in record time.

Tim has had a few rough years.  His 5 year old daughter died, he got divorced, he got traded and had to move to a new city.  The only good thing is this new team reunites him with some of his best friends.  And as he’s trying to get his head back in the game and ignoring being the “new” old kid in town he meets a sexy nurse, Erin, who consumes his thoughts from the very first day their worlds collided.

This is a quick romance, meaning they go from 0 to 60 pretty fast.  For the most part I was ok with that, except when it came to the actual progress of their relationship and getting to the I love yous.  But they complement each other so well I can almost overlook that.  At least it didn’t suffer from a case of insta-love.

Tim was definitely likeable.  He’s not a tough alpha, but he’s packing a lot of testosterone (isn’t that what we love about sports romance?) and it was nice to see Erin balance that out in their relationship.  Of course, it helped that their chemistry was great!

The author did really good in putting some obstacles that were real enough to cause doubt but also showed that the characters were mature enough to make good decisions.  It was refreshingly lacking in the drama and that’s just what I needed.

I can’t wait to dive into the next!  I already know I’m dying for one couple but I see they’re not next for me.  Just means I have to catch up faster.




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