“While on paper this would’ve been a story right up my alley and providing me all of my catnip it just fell short.”
~ Under the Covers

It is with a heavy heart that I write this review.  Why?  Because I had high hopes for this book.  I had really enjoyed this author’s debut (ROMAN CRAZY) and I definitely had high expectations for this series.  I have to admit from the very beginning this book didn’t meet those expectations.

Starting off with my dislike for the hero.  I can get behind an unlikeable hero but somehow Cooper rubbed me the wrong way and I just couldn’t get past that.  I also don’t think he did enough to justify his earlier behavior.  It wasn’t all towards the heroine, it was also the way he was acting at work and skirting his responsibilities at first.  And yes, we find out why but I just didn’t have much sympathy.

Then we get to the heroine and quite frankly as the book progresses she just got more and more on my nerves.  While on paper this would’ve been a story right up my alley and providing me all of my catnip it just fell short.  I couldn’t come to care for either of the main characters or the HEA.

In terms of the writing I also found it very different than Roman Crazy.  I was expecting this to be fun and upbeat, to make me laugh.  Instead it was flat and at times choppy.  I did manage to finish it and I think there was something there that could’ve been a gem.  But in the end it wasn’t a hit for me.  Which saddens me because I really wanted to like it.  Will I continue the series?  To be determined.



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  1. There have been times I’ve read a book by an author I’ve previously enjoyed and wondered if it was even written by the same person.