Explore Off the Beaten Path by Madison Wright, where enemies and neighbors become lovers first through an online dating app and with plenty of small-town charm.

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Off the Beaten Path by Madison Wright

Off the Beaten Path by Madison Wright

January 22, 2024

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  • Single father
  • Neighbors + enemies to lovers
  • Blue collar hero
  • Online romance

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Off the Beaten Path by Madison Wright is the perfect small-town rom-com to brighten your day. Wren Daniels is juggling a chaotic life, trying to renovate a rental cabin and organize a charity auction. Her only escape? Chatting with an anonymous friend on a dating app. Surprise! That friend is her grumpy neighbor, Holden Blankenship, and they can’t stand each other!

Holden’s world is turned upside down when he discovers his online buddy is actually the neighbor who drives him nuts. Watching their relationship evolve from online banter to real-life romance is hilarious and heartwarming. Their dynamic shifts as they spend more time together, especially when Holden starts helping Wren with her renovations.

Their interactions are full of witty banter and sweet moments, making their journey from enemies to lovers a joy to read. And let’s not forget Holden’s adorable daughter, who adds another layer of charm to the story. I didn’t even notice that it was a sweet romance, with no sex, until almost the end of the book! If you’re looking for a feel-good romance with lots of laughs and all the tropes, this is it.

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