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“…Ms. Robson did a great job letting her readers get to know Taran in a deeper level.”
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Of Flame and Promise is the 6th book in the Weird Girls series though via timeline, it goes back after the 2nd installment, A Curse Embrace. But it is a start of Taran Wird’s journey to hopefully, her happy-ever-after. I do recommend to read this as the 6th book to just focus on Taran’s story.

From what I’ve learned from the past five books, the journey will not be easy. Ms. Robson starts Taran’s story in a midst of chaos in the Wird sisters lives. Their lives are in danger, Celia, the eldest sister, had lost the love of her life, and Taran is to meet Gemini’s parents. If you know Taran, meeting “the parents” is a disaster own its own.

I was quite surprised that Ms. Robson took her readers back in time to start Taran’s story. I want to say it parallels the third book, Cursed by Destiny, where Celia is heartbroken over Aric’s choice to be with someone else. Let me tell you, reliving Celia’s pain was not easy. It brought back the experience of reading that book the first time. It was an excellent read but tough on the heart. Even harder for Taran to swallow. The turn of events in her sister’s life affected her to the point of denying herself happiness. I wanted to strangle her for that, but I get it. I’m just glad she gave meeting Gem’s parents a chance. Did Taran screw up? Royally. If you don’t already know, Taran is witty, foul mouth, opinionated and quite powerful with her magic, but her insecurities and reservations can get the better of her. Thank God, Gemini loves her unconditionally. It’s horrible of me, but the fails made me laugh. It was entertaining to see Taran and her crude demeanor meet traditional and very uptight parents. I think Ms. Robson did a great job letting her readers get to know Taran in a deeper level.

Though this is the start of Taran’s journey, this series needs to be read in order. Each book will have big spoilers especially with this installment being the same timeline as Cursed by Destiny. As far as I know, there will be a total of three books for Taran’s story but not quite sure what will happen after that. Shayna and especially Em’s story has to be written.

Favorite Quote
“Love wasn’t beautiful; it wasn’t pure. Love was brutal. Never had a word existed that could be so cherished and hated from one breath to the next.”




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  1. Love this review so hard! Thank you, Angela, for always being able to feel my characters’ depth of emotions and for this wonderful feature of OF FLAME AND PROMISE!

  2. Yep, this was a tough read and hard to see Taran so affected by her sister’s pain. But yes, she was a hoot with the potential in-laws. 🙂 Looking forward to the next book. Nice review, Angela!