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“You will fall head over heels for farmer Leo in all his bearded glory over and over.”
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I have a confession to make.  When I first started reading NUTS I was momentarily scared this would read like a bit of a cookbook with the amount of detail the author was giving us on the day to day life and thinking of our heroine Roxie.  But by the time she meets Leo and nuts and sugar snaps go flying (literally) I was charmed.

NUTS is fun and quirky with a small town vibe.   You will fall head over heels for farmer Leo in all his bearded glory over and over.  I can guarantee that.  There are so many layers to the man that I kept thinking he can’t get any better and then he did.  He’s the perfect good guy hero but has just the right amount of spice to keep his woman satisfied.  Charmed, I tell you!

Roxie left her hometown to fulfill her dream of being a chef.  She was the awkward kid back in high school, her mom was the town hippie who owned a diner and was always too in love with love and changing boyfriends like underwear.  She vowed to be everything her mother wasn’t.  And it’s her mother’s free spirit that brings her back to town when she goes off to participate in the Amazing Race and leaves Roxie in charge of the family diner for the summer.

What Roxie thought would just be a summer flight with the sexy and mysterious farmer quickly turns into something deeper.  The chemistry between Roxie and Leo was just perfect and their relationship grew organically just exactly how I wanted to see.  There isn’t any unnecessary drama and angst although there is one hurdle they must overcome that I thought was PERFECTION on Ms. Clayton’s part.  See the falling even more in love with Leo part above.

In classic Clayton fashion, this book has some laugh out loud moments that are a bit over the top and some great banter.  It almost brought me back to the love I had for Wallbanger when I first read that and sort of lost as that series progressed.

I am so excited about this new series and I’m already itching to read the next one, CREAM, although it doesn’t come out until next year.  And I’m seriously hoping it’s about the tall, dark and silent cheese maker 😉  Sounds like I need to move upstate!

Favorite quotes:

“You drive me crazy, Sugar Snap.”

“He didn’t spoon. He ladled.
And I liked it.”

“Let’s be clear,” he murmured, nipping at me a bit. “I wanted to bend you over that barrel out back and shuck you until there was corn silk everywhere.”

“Can you play hooky today?”
He texted back right away, and I snorted out loud.
“Will you be naked? I can only consider naked hooky requests.”



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