“I’m always a sucker for a hero that works with his hands and found Holden endearing, alpha when he needed to be, but overall incredibly sweet.”
~ Under the Covers

Apparently I’ve decided to read this series out of order.  Or at least I skipped the first 3 books and now I’m reading in order.  Regardless, I was excited to read this one because instead of focusing on hockey and the San Francisco Thunder team, it focuses on family.  The Braddock family to be exact.  The previous book in the series featured one of the Braddock sisters and it was nice to see some of that story continue in this book.

They’re grieving the death of their father and Winnie is now taking it pretty hard.  She realizes she’s not in a happy place in her life and has to make some changes so she stays back at the family summer house in Maine after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend to try and figure out what’s the next step she should follow.  She wasn’t counting on her brother deciding to surprise their mom with a house renovation and she’s face to face with her childhood nemesis and town bad boy, Holden, who took on the job.

NOW OR NEVER is actually quite sweet.  There’s no sports romance in this one but it was nice to still follow the family of one of the players and not have all the siblings magically end up with people in the team.  There was already history between Holden and Winnie, most of it bad and some of it was the typical bad boy likes good girl but knows she’s too good for him kind of thing.

If you like a good reformed bad boy story, then you’ll enjoy this one.  Holden has turned his life around and dealt with a lot of the emotional issues that put him in that state of mind all those years ago.  He’s trying to right his wrongs and that’s not an easy thing.  But he was also the one that could connect with and help the heroine get through what she’s dealing with.  It was sweet to see them connect on that level.

I’m always a sucker for a hero that works with his hands and found Holden endearing, alpha when he needed to be, but overall incredibly sweet.  This was a story that had a lot of heart.  Full of small town charm and family centered.  Can’t wait for the next installment in this series.


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