“The concept of their relationship?  Genius!”
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NOVEMBER 9 is an unexpectedly sweet book that was an overall pleasure to read. The story is character driven and I couldn’t help but fall for them and their very different relationship.

Both the hero and heroine are 18 when they meet on November 9.  The anniversary of when Fallon was caught in a house fire and was scarred.  And the date that from that point forward becomes the only day a year in which Fallon and Ben meet for the next five years.  The concept of their relationship?  Genius!  I loved seeing them together for just those brief glimpses.  And how the author doesn’t really give the reader any more insight into their lives than what they see that day.  Some things were easier to figure out than others, but each time they grew, matured, faced different obstacles in life.  And as little time as they actually spent together, I could totally see how they could fall for each other.

I am not a fan of the big twists and the mountain of coincidences that bring stories full circle, but I think Ms. Hoover did a pretty good at making that work for me in this book. Because yes, expect that towards the end things will undoubtedly come full circle in ways that you don’t know if the characters can recover from. Kuddos to her for making me like something that I normally don’t. But the fact that the story didn’t quite need to be that shocking was the reason I had to take some points off my rating.  As much as I read, I am not think I’m desensitized for traumatic events.  I don’t need one shoved after the other to rank up the angst.  One or two are quite enough to drive that point home.

Another thing I liked was how the author writes the unveiling of this twist I talk about.  And I think not rushing through that built up the emotional connection even more.

I did find one connection that slipped past me until a bit farther in the book and that’s the fact that Ben’s brother is Ian from UGLY LOVE.  It sort of made me want to re-read parts of that book so I could try and figure out if we had any clues about his family in that book that tie into this one!

Overall, NOVEMBER 9 is not quite as deep to me as some of Hoover’s earlier work, but it definitely is the one that stands out from what she’s been writing lately.  That ease at navigating her characters feelings and dragging you along with them until you care enough to want them to find an HEA, that’s back in NOVEMBER 9.  Ben and Fallon are two beautifully damaged souls that have to learn to stand on their own two feet, alone, before they can finally be together.

Favorite quote:

“I don’t want to be your first, Fallon. I want to be your last.”spacer



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