“NOT SO NICE GUY was kind of … forgettable.”
~ Under the Covers

I usually stay away from books by this author not because they are bad but because I find that usually they don’t stand out for me.  But the premise of this one sounded extremely cute and I just couldn’t resist.  Plus it was perfect to read around Valentine’s Day because there’s a bit of that holiday in this book.  While I enjoyed most of my time reading this book, in the end it’s not going to be one I remember much later on.  NOT SO NICE GUY was kind of … forgettable.

I admit I liked the first half of the book, the friendship between the main characters was great and I loved seeing how they had immediately connected but also friend-zoned each other.  Both trying to figure out a way out of that.  Somewhere along the way it got a little hard to believe and while it was entertaining, it lost that spark.

I know a lot of people love this author’s writing style, but I think ultimately it’s not one that really connects with me.  But I still think if you’re looking for romantic comedies, then you may want to give this one a try.



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