“For me, it was hard to get with the program because it felt like insta love…”
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So I have a confession to make.  I did something I don’t usually do and read out of order.  Thinking that the fact these characters were not the same as the rest of the series it felt like a natural place to pop in for me.  But after finishing I think that I did myself a disservice having not read at least the prequel where their story started.

Talia, Fletcher and Drake had a hot one night stand in Vegas.  Fletcher and Drake work together, are best friends and have wanted Talia for their own for a while.  Talia works for the same company and they were in Vegas together for business reasons (from what I gather).    Their connection was cemented in that novella, so when NO SIMPLE SACRIFICE picks up and they’re back to their daily lives living in two separate states, you’re going in with that basis.  For me, it was hard to get with the program because it felt like insta love (not a favorite thing of mine).  And I realize it wasn’t.  So yeah, back to my point, I would recommend picking up the novella first if there’s any chance you’ll feel like me.

All that aside, Drake and Fletcher are opposites.  One more gruff, one more refined.  And I liked the boys just fine in this one.  They are dealing with society’s perception of their relationship and what they want to be a triad, and how those perceptions affect them and especially Talia.  Some decisions are made that I wouldn’t have agreed with myself.  But overall, I think what I struggled with a bit was Talia herself.  She has a very judgmental family and she’s always wanted to please them.  Even if it costs her.  She struggles with this most of the book, and is not necessarily my favorite type of heroine to read about.  But then towards the end I found her turnaround to be quite easy.

But let’s talk about the sex, shall we?  This being my first read by these two authors I had this idea in my head of what heat level I was expecting, and I think it fell a tad shorter than that expectation.  To me, it could’ve been hotter.  Maybe it was the fact that in some of the sex scenes there is still a degree of sweetness in the way they speak that was throwing me off a bit.

The camaraderie aspect that is seen in the book was interesting and it has peaked my interest in the previous books in the series.  There was enough interaction with others in this one that they didn’t feel like an isolated couple, which I enjoyed.  But overall, I think my previous mentioned issues didn’t allow me to fully enjoy their story.



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  1. I read saved by his submissive…that fell flat for me and I didn’t like some of the decisions made