Elle Kennedy is back with a new series! Check out our review of Misfit by Elle Kennedy below. A new adult romance set at a prep school. If you love rich young people drama, then you’ll probably be into this one.

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by Elle Kennedy

Prep #1
Released: July 26, 2022
432 Pages | ebook

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GEEKY HERO | MANWHORE HERO | ANGSTY | spicy | forbidden romance

Some trigger warnings: addiction, death, death of a parent, suicide, rape, physical abuse, domestic violence, self harm, mental abuse


Misfit introduces us to a group of boys at a boarding school and they’re all, well, misfits. Our main character RJ is the new addition to the group. His mom just married a rich man and they’ve sent him off to boarding school with his new stepbrother. He’s the one that doesn’t fit in at first and he’s trying to find his place while maybe just trying to be left alone. Meanwhile, he meets Sloane who is completely off limits. After all, she’s the headmasters daughter. They just can’t seem to stay away from each other.


I’ve sat struggling a bit with this review because you guys know how much I love Elle Kennedy. I don’t usually read her new adult stuff and I think this probably fits more of the audience that loved her Erin Watt books. That being said, I did enjoy parts of this story and by the end I was interested to see what would happen next. Because as you can imagine, there is a bit of a cliffhanger here.

We first meet RJ and as the main character in this story I wanted to fall in love with him a bit earlier. He comes across as aloof and a bit of a manwhore, which can be fine as long as I can feel the chemistry between him and the heroine. But at times it felt a bit forced at the beginning. Maybe a tad insta-lovey? And I’m not a huge fan of that.

While the romance was not the biggest selling point for me, there were some things I found appealing about the story and the group of friends at the Prep school. Sometimes one messier than the other, but we love a hot mess, right? Definitely some interesting characters.

That being said, some others felt a bit uncomfortable. There is a bisexual character I loved but at times I just didn’t love the direction that storyline was taking. And I definitely want to see more in the next book, hopefully in a better direction.

But if there is one thing that Elle Kennedy can write well is some angst and spice. Once we got to that part of the book it was pretty hard to put down. Up to that point though, a bit laid back and slow paced.

in conclusion

I’ll probably be on the lookout for the next book in this series. Rogue comes out February 7, 2023. I mean, it’s Elle Kennedy and we know I love her books so I’ll jump on it right away. But the itching anxiously waiting feeling just isn’t quite there for me with this one.

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Book Review Misfit by Elle Kennedy
Book Review Misfit by Elle Kennedy
Book Review Misfit by Elle Kennedy

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