My Romantic Audiobook and Rewards Subscription Box Review

The service

As an audiobook lover, I was very interested when Marilyn approached me to do a little test drive of this subscription service.  This is a bi-monthly box where you get audiobooks on disc and some personal care items on a monthly basis in the mail.  Some of my favorite things!  The company has great and fast customer service and shipping which is always something that I look for in any company I buy from.  And if you are an audiobook lover, it’s definitely one to check out.  There are different payment options so you can test the subscription service for as long as you want.  Each gives you a different price point so we will be using the Bi-Monthly option as a reference when it comes to price/value on this post.


From the website we know that this is geared to romance readers and I was excited to see what audios would be included.  I was both pleased and a bit disappointed at the same time with the selection.  Pleased because these are two HUGE name authors and they’re definitely books I’ll look forward to listening to.  So that was very exciting and surprising as well because usually big name authors are not as easy to find in subscription boxes.  Points for that!  But a bit disappointed because I was expecting more traditional romance.  Nora Roberts and Nicholas Sparks would fit somewhere in the mainstream or womens’ fiction realms for me, and while their books do have romance I don’t necessarily classify them as that in my mind.  So I would’ve liked to see more true romance in the audiobook offerings.  That’s just personal expectation, I guess, and since the book selections are different each month I can’t say if the other months were more romancey than this one.

Personal Care


The variety of personal care products included in the box was also great.  I’m a huge fan of hand creams and these travel sized bottles are perfect for on the go!  I wasn’t expecting to get so much.  Same can be said for the lip balm.  I liked the fact that I’m able to throw these items right in my purse this month and use them.  Also, I’m trying new brands so that’s always a plus!  The hair detangler was also a nice addition.  Definitely happy with the extra items.


When it comes to value, I think this service definitely delivers.  If you were to purchase the CD sets of both of these audiobooks you would be paying what the box would cost, so you get to try the personal items for free basically!  And since there are more expensive audios as well, I think it can round out to be a great value.

Final Thoughts

PROs – This is a great option for people that have long driving commutes to work where you can get through a few audiobooks a month while driving in your car.  Overall great value.  Fast customer service and shipping.  A good variety of additional products aside from books.

CONs – If you are used to listening to digital audiobooks through apps like Overdrive or Audible, etc (like me) it may be a bit harder to fit in listening time to actual CDs.  That makes this service good for some people but not all in my opinion.  I personally don’t own a CD player at home anymore so it becomes harder to try and figure out how to get these listened to (most likely what will happen is they’ll just be playing on my computer on the background while I work).  So that’s something to consider on how it fits your lifestyle.

** This box was sent to me by Marilyn Martyouze for free to review.


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  1. That is surprising to get two big names together in a box. I like that the samples can be on the go and they are products that most people use. Good point about the CDs. They can be transferred so they can be saved and put on iPod, but that takes time, too.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the package.

  2. I’m not a big fan of any box deals with books,I don’t like someone else picking books for me. It’s a nice looking box with the two cds and all the little extras,but in all honesty I would have been bummed if I got these book selections i like both authors but I agree with you not really romantic reads. Ty! Francesca for your review! Shared on all my socials!