ARC Review: My One True Highlander by Suzanne Enoch

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ARC Review: My One True Highlander by Suzanne Enoch
My One True Highlander
Book Info

Released: April 4th 2017
Series: No Ordinary Hero #2
Pages: 320

“I’m a huge fan of Suzanne Enoch’s Historicals. I think if you’re a fan of Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, and even Tessa Dare, then you’ll probably like Enoch as well.”
~ Under the Covers

MY ONE TRUE HIGHLANDER is the second book in the No Ordinary Hero series by Suzanne Enoch. Now I’m a huge fan of Suzanne Enoch’s Historicals. I think if you’re a fan of Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, and even Tessa Dare, then you’ll probably like Enoch as well. However, this book does have a different feel to it than some of her other books. While the others tend to be a little more witty, this one has a greater intensity to it. I say that mostly because of the hero. As you can expect with the title of this series, you’re going to get some different heroes in this series. In this particular book, our hero is a rugged highlander named Graeme and he is quite the character. He’s borderline rude to the heroine but that’s because she was literally dropped into his lap because of his pesky brothers. The heroine, Lady Marjorie, is the sister to the previous hero of the last book and as a Duke’s sister, Graeme’s brothers think that she might be useful to them so they kidnap her and bring her to their chieftain. Oh course, Graeme had no idea they were going to do this so in an effort to rectify things, he suggests that Marjorie marry him to save her reputation.

Majorie is so not on board with this plan and she does a good job of holding her ground. I really enjoyed her character. I would say she’s more likeable than the hero, just because he can be a little more gruff. The beginning is slow to start, but because these two meet in less than stellar standards, you’re obviously going to have that gap before the romance can start. Since the hero isn’t really the lovey dovey type either, that also affects how the romance pans out so this book does require a touch more patience than her previous books.

Also, I want to note that if you’ve never read a Highlander book before and aren’t well accustomed to their sexy gruff talk, then you may have some trouble understanding what the hero is saying. I say this because Graeme’s accent is THICK. It’s thicker than what most authors would do but I really enjoyed it because it added so much to his character. I just wanted to mention that in case you may not be as familiar with their speech because I can see some other readers getting confused by it.




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About Suzanne Enoch

Suzanne is known for her humorous characters, sexy bad boys, and whip-sharp, witty dialogue. She currently resides in Placentia, California with several hundred guppies and various other tropical fish, and handful of very loud, spinach-loving finches. And her collection of action figures and statues from “Star Wars”, “Lord of the Rings”, “X-Men”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Everybody needs some inspiration, after all.


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  1. I remember reading the sneak peek for this at the end of the previous book. I thought it was a bit slow but seemed interesting enough to try especially since I enjoyed book 1.

  2. Good review!! Love this writer and this cover is so beautiful !!! Shared on all my socials!!

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