Why I watched this movie:
Henry Cavill stars as Theseus and to me, a half-naked man all sweaty and dirty is enough incentive for me to watch any movie.
What I liked about it:
The actors/actresses: I loved the entire cast! I thought each fit their role perfectly. However, to me Mickey Rourke as Hyperion really stood out. I absolutely hated his guts, so he made for the perfect bad guy. Also, Luke Evans was a pretty good Zeus. Previous movies I’ve seen involving Greek mythology have had much older people play Zeus, so seeing a thity-one(ish?) year old guy play the king of gods was great!
If you’re a guy and enjoy blood and gore, there’s plenty of that as well. Violence definitely takes the front seat in this movie. Some parts a little more graphic than others. But I loved it!
Visually speaking I thought it looked beautiful. However, I wondered about some choice wardrobe pieces that caused my brows to lift. For example, why was Zeus sporting a moustache and shiny gold ensembles?
What I didn’t like about it:
I wasn’t thrilled by the overall story line. To be honest, it felt quite weak. There was no real driving force for Theseus and I didn’t get that blood-thirsty need for vengeance that I thought he would have. The ending in particular was a bit of a let-down.
The much anticipated sex scene between Theseus and Freida Pinto’s character, Phaeda was also another let down. Of course I was looking forward to this! However, it turned out to be a pretty brief scene. There were some whispered words. Some intense staring. Then a kiss. Two thrusts and pan out. Which all results in an unhappy Annie.
Overall, the Immortals wasn’t the 300 version of Greek Mythology I thought it would be. For those of you who don’t mind a weak plot and enjoy the sight of Henry Cavill’s chesticles, then check it out. Otherwise, you may want to wait until comes out on DVD or pay-per view. 
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  1. We thought it was entertaining, but I totally agree that the plot had so many holes. WHY exactly did the baddie want the insane Titans released? His backstory did not really explain this decision.
    And the plot with the virgin-oracle-that-must-stay-virginal… I thought their loves scene was pretty corny considering the circumstances.

    Even with the weak plot and awkward points, it had so much fighting and the costumes were (mostly) great- we enjoyed it for what it was.

  2. I love Greek mythology and was intrigued by the acting choices, but I am a bit squeamish in the violence department (couldn’t even do 300 for the sake of Gerard Butler).

    I like hearing what others think of the movie though I can seeing this one appealing to the male half of my household. They don’t care much about plot, but the violence- well, now your talking. (-;

  3. Hmmm, too bad it sounds weak on the story side. But since I love watching Henry Cavill I will still see this movie. At least I wont go into it expecting something as great at 300, so maybe that will help. =)

  4. Yeah, the Greek Mythology aspect wasn’t so pronounced. It was just OK. There were several holes in the story, like Danielle said. But for a plain old action movie, it’s not bad in that department.

    And yes, Angela. Take hunny bunz out to watch it! You can admire Henry just like I did! 😀

  5. Too many blood and gore, that sometimes make no sense to me. And they cut the sex scene at Indonesia here. Hey, even its pretty lame, I want some steamy scene 😛

    Is it just me that think Zeus-Athena more like lovers rather than father and daughter?

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