“This may very well be the best book to movie adaptation!” ~ Under the Covers

DIVERGENT was a movie I was highly anticipating.  Not so much because the book was the best book I ever read.  It wasn’t, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.  But frankly because as I read the book, I found myself wondering how awesome the story would probably translate into a movie.  And then I realized it would be!  I was anxious to see the things that stood out about all the world building in Veronica Roth’s book come to life.

And let me tell you guys…this movie didn’t disappoint!   This may very well be the best book to movie adaptation!  I often find slow moments in these types of movies, but DIVERGENT kept up an amazing pace that you couldn’t help but just be riveted to the screen.  Even if I already knew what “should” come next.  I didn’t experience that moment where I think “oh and now this will happen *bored*”.  It truly is a captivating movie that just took the best points of the book and translated perfectly into the big screen.

I had a really cute experience while in the theater sitting next to a large group of teenage BOYS, who were all really excited about the movie and were talking about having read the book.  That just warms the cackles of my heart.  Not only because the read, but also because that notion that these types of movies are only attracting the masses of drooling teenage girls because they are looking for the romance and the man candy.

But lets not forget the romance and the man candy.  So there was only one man candy for me in this movie, even though he’s young.  This hunk of man flesh right here is Theo James who plays our sexy leading man, Four.  Yes, I might’ve swooned a bit.


Then of course there is a bit of romance to this story.  I liked that they didn’t make it the focus of the movie and it didn’t take away from the telling the story.  The chemistry between Tris and Four is there every time they are around each other without overpowering everything else that’s going on around them and that they should focus on.  Great choice on that!

In the end, DIVERGENT “the movie” kicked major ass!  I liked it even better than the book!  And speaking of the book, it stayed pretty true to the story how Veronica Roth wrote it.  I’ve always loved the parallels you can make with life in this story and I got a lot of the same feelings from how the movie was presented.  Job very well done to whoever did the adaptation and also job very well done to the actors!  Can’t say there was one that sucked!


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