“Visually, it was a feast!” ~Under the Covers

What an amazing ride THE HUNGER GAMES have been.  I may be in the minority here, but I’m just catching up to reading the books.  Always prepared though, and reading before watching the movie.  I had finished reading CATCHING FIRE earlier this week so everything was very fresh in my mind when I went in to see the movie.  And as with the first one, it was amazing.

This is definitely my favorite book to movie adaptation.  Maybe of all time.  They’ve managed to recreate the world perfectly without looking cheesy or over-using CGI.  And I was really excited about how this one turned out, especially with the actual 75th Hunger Games.  Visually, it was a feast!

Then there’s the characters.  OMG, the book broke my heart and tore me in a million pieces.  Although, the movie didn’t quite get there I did tear up a few times.  I wish they would’ve put more emphasis in those gut-wrenching points.  But I understand how things have to be cut short for movie purposes.  I am happy that they managed to convey the whole story in the book and stuck to it almost to a T, adapting only certain things that were easier to show the way they did since they were internal dialogue.

Then there’s Peeta.  This was my only sad part of the movie because I think they down played his role and impact in the movie.  Here’s the thing.  I went into the book being completely Team Gale.  And I liked Peeta but wasn’t my fave.  Then CATCHING FIRE got going and I kept thinking “WOW, he’s so good, he’s too good for Katniss.  She doesn’t deserve him!”  And then by the end I was in tears because I AM IN LOVE WITH PEETA and I think Katniss and him are perfect together!  All the sacrifice, the heartfelt moments, were in a way missing from the movie.  I don’t know if just by watching you would have the same change of heart about Peeta that I did.  In fact, I went to see the movie with my non-reader friend and she’s still very much Team Gale.  So that’s my only fail of the movie.

All in all, amazing job by everyone involved in making this movie happen.  Costumes were amazing, cinematography was as well.  Acting was excellent as well with just a few minor complaints.  I am definitely getting ready to read the next book soon.  Won’t be waiting a year to find out what happens after that cliffhanger.

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  1. Confession, I have not read these books or seen the movie(s). My kids say I need to read but I think I should watch all the movies first so I won’t bitch about movie(s) not doing the books justice.

  2. I haven’t read the books as yet so I haven’t watched the movies either, as soon as I read them I’ll checkout the movies.

  3. Great movie review Francesca! I’m glad you enjoyed it and that it stayed true to the book. I’m going to watch it some time this weekend! 🙂

  4. I’m going to the movies tonight with my nephew to see it and am looking forward to it….I’m not a fan of josh playing peerta though…I mean he does a good job but, to me, they did such an amazing job making the cast true to the book except him….doesn’t stop me from watching it though 😉 ….thank you

    1. OMG!…..it was amazing….better than the first!….I didn’t even mind the 4 year old in the seat next to me @ the 11PM show…although the fact that the movie theater had reclining seats with footrests definitely helped 😉

  5. I have read The Hunger Games trilogy, and it’s amazing!
    But I’m little skeptical about the movies, I don’t dare to watch movies, because I’m almost always disappointed by the films that are done by the books,but after reading this I want to give a chance to Hunter Games movies 🙂

    Thanks Francesca 🙂

    1. I’m the same way…I haven’t seen city of bones yet and don’t plan on seeing vampire academy bc the previews just looked too far removed from what I pictured but I’ve really enjoyed both hunger games movies so far