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“If you want a funny, sexy and quirky contemporary romance then you need to give this book a try”
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Vicky’s life takes an unexpected and surprising turn when an eccentric old woman wills her billion dollar company to Smuckers, her tiny dog and designates her as his spokesperson. For Henry, the company is more than just the money, it’s his life and his passion and won’t one small dog and one con-woman, no matter how much he is attracted to her, ruin it. But, Vicky refuses to be bullied, especially by someone as rich, entitled and sexy as Henry, he will soon see exactly what one small dog with a marshmallow hairstyle and one determined woman are capable of.

I’m not normally a fan of millionaire-billionaire-zillionaire books, but I couldn’t resist a book written by Annika Martin. She always puts an interesting spin on things that otherwise may seem tired and overused. With Most Eligible Bastard Martin definitely put her unique writing style and perspective on things, giving you a read that was both fun, sexy and a little different. I loved it.

With many romances, you tend to find that the heroine fades into the background and it’s the hero that you remember. What I liked about Most Eligible Bastard is that Vicky was perhaps the most interesting character. I really liked the back story and the way it was revealed by Martin, allowing you to see how her past informs her current actions and attitudes within the book. It also lends some depth and breadth to the emotions in the book, although this is a fairly light-hearted read it showcases some real emotions. Then there was Smuckers, who can resist a book with an adorable pet? Especially when that pet controls 51% of a massive corporation.

As for Henry…definitely gorgeous, clever, caring with a dirty dirty mouth. My favourite kind of hero. The chemistry between him and Vicky was present from the start, the instant mutual dislike soon morphed into something else as they began to respect and admire one another.

This was a great read, with characters I really liked, an adorable dog and some great writing. If you want a funny, sexy and quirky contemporary romance then you need to give this book a try.


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She glares at me now. “I can’t believe you tried to strip poor Smuckers of his vote. Do you have no decency?”

“When it comes to protecting this company?” I say. “No.”

Her gaze intensifies. “Just no?”

“None at all,” I say. “No decency whatsoever. Nada, if you will.”

Her pretty lips part. It’s shock. Maybe a little bit awe.

I give her an amused smile, adjusting my jacket sleeve over my cuff just so. The suit was tailored by a man who charges three hundred bucks an hour and is worth every penny.

“Uh,” she says. “You think you’re all that? You’re not.”

“Oh, I am all that,” I say. “I very much am. And for the record, I will crush you in the end.”

“Smuckers had this medication once,” she says. “We tried to hide it in his food, and he spit it out. No matter what we did, he’d spit it out.” She puts one finger on the paper with the new amendment and slides it back across the desk. “Smuckers doesn’t like when people try to fool him. That’s his message for you.”

“I have a message for Smuckers.” I put my finger on it and slide it back across to her. “Smuckers needs to know that we have a private investigator on this case. Smuckers might not have very nice food to eat if you ended up in prison.”

Finally she looks scared.

Brett swoops in. “I say we settle this. One-time offer from me personally.” He writes the number—$4,500,000.00. “This offer expires in two minutes.”

My heart pounds. She needs to take offer. We’ve shown how close she can come to losing everything.

She looks at the paper.

She’s all alone caring for that sister of hers. She’s poor—we have her banking information; we know it for a fact. She has every reason in the world to take it. Yet she hesitates.

“This is our last offer,” Brett says. “After this, we’ll take the company from you, and you’ll get nothing.”

She raises her brown eyes to me. It’s me she’s really dealing with. I like that she knows that.

“You know what Smuckers hates even more than being fooled?” she says.

My heart pounds. She almost lost everything to me, and now she’s going to tell me a dog story?

“He hates being threatened,” she says. “And bullied. He really, really hates it.”

“Well he’s going to have to get used to it,” I hear myself saying. “He’s used to bubbles and bows and sunny parks but he’s in the jungle now. There are animals who are faster and stronger and smarter than he is. Animals who will dominate him easily—savagely, even.”

“Then you don’t know Smuckers very well.”

“Oh, I know all about Smuckers, and I’d suggest he practice rolling over. Baring his belly for the superior predator.” I lower my voice. “Begging sweetly for mercy.”

The color heightens in her face. This shouldn’t be fun.

But oh, it is.

I keep going. “Smuckers may think he can request packets and bylaws and get up to speed, but he can’t compete here. He doesn’t have the skills.”

“Smuckers thinks owning fifty-one percent is the best skill to have,” she says.

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  1. Awesome review Suzanne!! I had a feeling this was a great read when I put it on my gr tbr list!!! Shared on all my socials!!