“I found it extremely irritating.”
~ Under the Covers

Oh boy, I was super excited to start this because I have been in the mood to read about race car drivers.  In my search I stumbled across this book and it’s by an author I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  Let’s just say that in the end I won’t let this book discourage me from trying another book by this author.  However, I found it extremely irritating.

Let me clarify that.  I found the characters irritating.  This is definitely the type of new adult book that I’m usually not a big fan of.  I was expecting the hero to be mature for his age because he had so much to overcome from his past in order to achieve his dreams and get out of that toxic environment.  And to a point I thought he had that.  Until we introduce the heroine to the mix and all that goes out the window.

Faith grew up in a family of race car drivers and she doesn’t want to be dating one.  Brooks is the new hot shot driver that her father introduced to their racing team.  And her brother doesn’t want the newbie to steal his thunder as the best driver on the track.  I thought this would be a great premise with lots of tension.  Except, I didn’t think that’s what actually happened.  Things moved pretty fast between them.  But really got on my nerves was the heroine always jumping to conclusions instead of having a conversation to clear things.  It was such childish behavior it ruined whatever could’ve been ok for me about everything else.

In the end, like I said, I’m not going to let this put me off this author completely and I’ll give her another try.  But this was a miss for me.


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  1. Chelle Bliss usually is a reliable writer…sorry to hear this…this series started out well, but it’s gotten progressively worse as it progresses, IMHO-sad, because so many quality writers involved……thanks for the heads up