Leap Year: Women take Control!
Every four years we have to slow ourselves down and add an extra day to our calendar so we can get ourselves back in line with Mother Nature.The 29th of February, our leap day though is more then just an extra day in our diaries, it has been a tradition for hundreds of years for women in the British Isles to take control and reverse the usual roles, get down on bended knee to propose marriage to her man. If the man dare refuses her a fine can be levied from a kiss to a new silk dress.

We think this is a fabulous tradition (especially the silk dress part) and has us thinking of all those spunky heroines that have gone out and chased what they wanted rather then waiting for her hero to come rescue her. Be it grabbing a first kiss like Cally from Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake to Evie from The Devil in Winter who has a proposition for one of our favourite rakes Sebastian St. Vincent. As much as we love our heroes to come on their white horses, sexy motorbikes and black escalades, sometimes a heroine has got to get some seducing done herself!

Other books that we have loved where the heroine goes and gets her man:

What books have you loved where the heroine takes control? 
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  1. Evie from Devil In Winter definitely took control of her life. She seemed so shy and yet she faced Sebastian (a scoundrel) all by herself.

  2. Awesome post!!! I love when a heroine goes all out to get her man! Especially when he is Alpha and has to be in control, but she makes him lose it =)

  3. What a fun tradition! You’ve named a few of mine, but I also love Hero Jarvis in in C.S. Harris’ Sebastian St. Cyr series for being a take-charge gal. I’m also big on Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson and Karen Chances’ Dory Basserab.

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