A Romantic Note
Here’s the scenario: I was standing in the romance section of my local Chapters/Indigo store, pinning over all the sexy titles I want to read when two ladies walked by asking if I “read that stuff?” Holding up my copy of Nalini Singh’s  Play of Passion I said, “Yes, I read this stuff.” My response was obviously not what they were expecting because they responded with a scoff and a roll of their eyes. To which I answered with an unladylike gesture behind their backs.
Yes, that was rude of me but it’s also not very sporting to mock someone else’s taste in books. I AM A ROMANCE READER AND I’M PROUD OF IT! I shouldn’t be ashamed of the type of books I read. And I will not allow others to make prejudice remarks about them when they haven’t read a single book from the genre. It’s an unfair judgement.
What they don’t know is that romance novels are really just a celebration of the one thing that every person seeks out: Love. It’s a natural predisposition in humans. We seek out touch. We explore that little spark of interest when meet someone new. It’s what most songs are written about. It’s why couples get married and start a family. It’s what makes our lives full. So why the hate?
I can’t speak for others, but I read romance novels because there is always a happily ever after. True love prevails and there’s always that sense of contentment when you flip that last page. Some books are more emotional than others, hitting you in the most vulnerable places and settling in your heart. Others are suspenseful, keeping you on the edge of your seat until you can’t take any more. And there are many that are downright sexy and passionate, mimicking real life relationships! Whatever book or series you choose, romance novels are addictive and I knew the moment I picked up my first romance novel, I would be in trouble.
I’m not saying that the romance genre is better than another. I’m not saying that I only read romance novels either. I’m just hoping that non-romance readers understand that a romance novel isn’t just a bunch of fluffy love words put together with a bare-chested man stamped over it. It’s so much more. It’s still literature.
Let’s be open to new and different genres, or at least appreciate the hard work that goes into one of these little bound books. Romance may not be part of your reading preference, but it is to a lot of others.
Now on a much more romantic note, tell us why you read romance?
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  1. Easy, easy 😀
    I know about that, since at my country Indonesia, even the demand of romance novel is big, people still mock romance genre, and sometimes they make me angry. I remember they always say that genre is sappy, a bad books (I have an Indonesian term for what they said about romance novels, but don’t know the English, lol). I think its maybe because they don’t know about romance genre. Heck, I’m myself hate romance before that. I always read fantasy and comic when in high school and my earlier year at college. I must thank my friend for lend me “White Lies” by Linda Howard, because since that I’m addicted to romance.
    I love reading romance, because not just happy ending, but how the character make their relationship work, their connection with others people like family. I read romance novel, because when I have so many things that make me stressed, read them make me whole again 🙂

    Can I add? Some my friends is mocking paranormal genre, and that make me sad, angry, bitter:(. Sometimes it seems that they think I’m a little bit “abnormal” because read that genre, lol. But then, whatever. People always mock, judge and hate everything they don’t understand. Pity of them 😉

  2. Aw Ren, people suck sometimes, they slag romance off when they have never read it, I think that most people would like romance if they tried it before they judged it, and I reckon quite a few people are secret romance readers!

  3. I love happily ever afters!

    It was rude of those women to come up to you and ask you that and then mock you for reading romance.

    Great post! I love the picture you chose to.

  4. I read romance for the same reason I write it: I like sexy stories where people overcome the odds of whatever is keeping them apart to have a HEA. As an author, I get the question, “Oh, you write that?” I’m always proud to say I do, and if they don’t like my erotic romances, well, that’s ok. I may not like what they read. But I’m always pleasant about it. Sorry that you ran into some who weren’t polite enough to respect your choices. 🙂

  5. First I just want to say that those two women a) don’t know what they’re missing by not reading “that stuff” and b) may be closet romance lovers and are just self-hating.

    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I read romances of any type because they make me feel good. I enjoy them and would not give them up for anything. I am not ashamed of the things that give me enjoyment.

    Have a good weekend.

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