“I’ve read a lot of threesome stories. MIDTOWN MASTERS is one of the best”
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MIDTOWN MASTERS is the third book in the Sins of the City series by Cara McKenna and as you know, I’ve been a huge fan of this author for many years. First off, McKenna is a fabulous writer. Her words flow so freely and eloquently that you can’t help but get lost in the scene. I also really enjoy her characters. No two are similar and McKenna is also never afraid to write about different characters or characters that aren’t normally featured in books.

An example in this book is the heroine. She’s Asian, which unfortunately, is still something that we don’t see often in novels and in particular, Romance novels. The first hero is a Jew, and again, McKenna does put quite a bit of emphasis on their backgrounds in this story. I really loved that. Not only does it shed light on some diversity in books, but it also makes me have a greater connection to them as a reader.

The premise of this story is very unique. Again, this is why I love Cara McKenna’s books. She writes stories that I haven’t read before and that’s hard when I tend to average 300+ books a year. The hero and heroine have sex for show. In this case, they are pretending to be a lovely couple. Although the husband and wife act is all fake, there is a very strong connection between the two that I think a lot of people will notice.

The second hero is another thing I loved about this book. Lindsay is very intelligent and well-mannered but he doesn’t have very much experience when it comes to sex. He’s also a writer and in an effort to further his books, these live sex sessions are lessons to him. However, of course, they turn into much more when they all get together in a ménage a trois.

I’ve read a lot of threesome stories. MIDTOWN MASTERS is one of the best. Not only is that connection there with all three characters individually, but I feel like something really explosive happens when they all get together. There’s a good amount of humor thrown in as well, which I think is an added bonus. I was so impressed by this story that it’s become my first 2017 favorite and I won’t be surprised if it makes it into my Favorite Sex Scene of 2017.





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