“I ultimately thought this collection was fun and enjoyable.”
~ Under the Covers

I haven’t read a lot of Eloisa James books before.  To be honest, I picked this up because I thought it was part of the Wildes of Lindow Castle series.  Yes, I need to read more blurbs because OBVIOUSLY that’s not what this book is.  Is actually a collection of really short stories.  The book is already novella length and it has 3 stories in it.  These are all about characters I know nothing about.  If you’ve been reading Eloisa James for a while you’ll know who they are or maybe they’re completely unrelated.  I can’t answer that question.

What I can say is that as much as I struggle to connect with novellas about characters I don’t know, I ultimately thought this collection was fun and enjoyable.  It may not be the strongest historical romance read or even a must read, but it was a cute way to pass one after.  They are all very quick reads and there’s as the title suggests, there’s something delightful about them.

I think this would be a good mood picker-upper type of book and now I’m ready to dive into the next book by this author.


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