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“MIDNIGHT TARGET managed to be packed with action and danger but keep a slow and steady pace.  Not so much an edge of your seat read, but still captivating and a page turner.”
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We’ve come to the end of the Killer Instincts and I’m not going to lie.  There might’ve been a tear or two shed about that.  I still remember picking up the first book on a whim when it first came out, having never read this author before, and falling for both the group of men and women in it.  Badass all around.  And one of my favorite romantic suspense series nowadays, one I always recommend.  And it’s all coming to an end.  Reading MIDNIGHT TARGET was bittersweet.  It’s the final chapter, even when I was hoping it didn’t have to be.  But I think Elle Kennedy has done it in a way that ties up all loose ends for us.

This one is special because it’s actually two romances.  The first is Jim Morgan’s daughter and the youngest man in his team.  This pairing had plenty of friction because Cate is younger than Ash.  He met her when she was still a teenager and he’s dealt with his own attraction for years.  Mostly burying it because if it wasn’t the fact that she was younger than him (not by much, though) then it was the fact that he wouldn’t feel deserving of her and he needs the approval of Jim Morgan more than anything after he was the one that gave his life purpose again.  Lots of emotional struggles before they can come together and I think the author did so very well.  I thought they were the “cute and sweet” of this story.

Cate is trying to do what she wants in life, much to her father’s disapproval.  She doesn’t want to stay behind in the “safe” zone and runs into trouble while on a freelance photography job by taking a picture of a politician and a drug cartel lord that was believed to be dead.  When news about this picture is leaked, her life is in danger and Jim and the whole team go to her rescue.  I loved the action packed plot of this because it’s not a quick and easy fix.  There was plenty of meat and danger to this story and that kept me interested throughout.  Meanwhile, the Cate and Ash drama was playing out in the background as well.  Pacing for their romance was slow burn perfection.  Even if with a bit of spoiled brat heroine thrown in for good measure.

But here comes the best part.  Cate and Ash were cute and all that but I really needed to read this because of Liam and Sullivan.  Yes, the two members of Jim’s team that have been in love with each other and playing around this fact for way too many books.  They’ve been through a lot.  There’s a lot of feelings that need to be dealt with.  Life altering ones that call for changes and decisions.  Lets just say I lived for the moments when these two were on the page even as they were gutting my heart.  The yearning, the heartache.  I was expecting something completely more explosive from them and it’s not what Ms. Kennedy went for here.  And as much as it’s not what I was thinking it should be, it was still beautiful and I was ultimately happy to see them together.

MIDNIGHT TARGET managed to be packed with action and danger but keep a slow and steady pace.  Not so much an edge of your seat read, but still captivating and a page turner.  There were a few heart stopping moments and some that even drew a tear.  Job well done for Ms. Kennedy on closing out a series in such a way.




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