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“I’m not sure what Ms. Ballenger’s plans are but I hope to see more of this series.”
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Someone is bringing the dead back to life and they are up to no good. The elite group, Execution Underground are on top of it assigning Shane Grey to lead the investigation. Because of his knowledge as an Occult Specialist, Witch Hunting, Magic and Necromancy, he is perfect for the job. But he’ll need the help of his student to know what’s going on in the streets of the magic world.
Vera is one of Shane’s student who has plenty of knowledge when it comes to magic. Her DNA says it all but this is her dark past she’d rather not visit. Unfortunately, her fond for the high magic gives her keeps her in the loop and deeper in her addiction. When her professor asks her for help, she will be given a chance to prove her worth and not by her family ties or associations but who she truly is. Falling in love with the nerdy hunter is just a bonus.

Shane and Vera’s story was sweet. Though their relationship was a professor-student relationship, it didn’t have a New Adult feel to it. They were both consenting adults who are participating in their own volition and new what they wanted. Vera did have her insecurities but overall a strong heroine. Shane, of course was a mixture of confidence and arrogance but has an aura of being inexperienced with love. He was very sweet.

I enjoyed the multiple Point-Of-Views in this story. Getting in the head of all the characters was exciting especially the villain’s POV. There were a several laugh-out-loud and endearing moments as well as nail biting zombie scenes that surprisingly, I enjoyed. Note that zombies are not at all my typical read; they freak me out. I think Ms. ballenger did a great job not making it the focus but more so on the magic.

I’m not sure what Ms. Ballenger’s plans are but I hope to see more of this series.

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  1. thank you a lot for telling us about the mulplites point of view and the fact that teh author doesn’t focus too much on teh zombies part, they are not my favourite kind of creature but i would love to read this

  2. I’m always intrigued on how a professor/student relationship can bloom into a romantic one. Nice to know some details about the book in the review!