So while I’m devastated that the series has ended, Merry Christmas Baby by Jill Shalvis was also the perfect end to a fabulous series

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merry christmas baby by jill shalvis

Merry Christmas Baby by Jill Shalvis

Luck Harbor #12.5
December 2, 2014

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It’s over. It’s really over now. I’ve put off reading this novella for as long as I could because: one, I didn’t want the series to end and two, because I knew that if I read it, there was a real chance that I would want to reread the entire series again.

I read it. I miss the series already. And it only makes me want to cry.

Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series is one of my all-time favorite series. It’s one a turn to when life gets a little too tough and you need something to make you smile and comfort you. There aren’t entire series that do that for me. Certain books, yes. But none that are consistently good like this one has been for me.

Shalvis goes back to one of my favorite couples, Chloe and Sawyer. Sawyer is still the sexy six foot tall mystery and Chloe is still her hardheaded, stubborn self. The one difference is that Chloe is pregnant now and she’s quite moody. It makes for an interesting read that involves moments of humor and sweetness. Yet as I read, there’s also a tinge of longing and sadness as well that nearly made me cry.

Even though Sawyer and Chloe technically had their HEA, they are still evolving. They go through bouts of silences and separation. They experience doubts like any other relationship but beneath all those conflicting emotions, at the core is their love for one another. I think that’s what has made this series so vastly popular. Jill Shalvis makes her characters feel real and its that realness that makes readers come back for more.

So while I’m devastated that the series has ended, this was also the perfect end to a fabulous series. Simply put, Lucky Harbor rocks!

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