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“Despite my lack of interest in this genre, I still enjoyed Melting Point.”~ Under the Covers

Let me start by saying I was really torn getting to this book. In one hand, because m/m is not my go to genre, reading this book was not a priority. On the other hand, I was intrigued with Gage’s story. After reading bits about him in Flirting with Fire, I wondered how Meader will get Gage, this over confident Firefighter to get together with a very closed off Chef.

Gage Simpson is a no nonsense kind of guy despite his not so happy childhood. He knew exactly who he is early on in life and owned it with no reservations. Though bullied and abused, he grew up to be a great man. The Dempsey family can take the credit for that. Gage was taken in and loved unconditionally to this day. Now, he is a very dedicated, sexy firefighter looking to get Chef Brady’s full attention.

Brady is damaged to the point of having a relationship would be impossible. His experience while in the military has left him with physical and emotional scars. While his career as a chef keeps him sane, his PTSD prevents him from making a step towards any commitments. But maybe, just maybe, Gage would be enough to push him into taking a chance.

Kate Meader didn’t make an m/m fan out of me or a reader of the genre, but she certainly pulled me closer in that direction. Despite my lack of interest in this genre, I still enjoyed Melting Point. The Romance was well done and believable. Even their background story was nicely covered. I would’ve liked to see more interaction and cameos from Gage’s family though. They are suppose to be very close. I can assume the short length prevented the author from any big family interactions.
A fair warning…the sexual content is descriptive. If you’re not used to m/m sex scenes like myself, brace yourself. There was hunger and carnal need to their love scenes but it was also honest and passionate.

And with that said, Melting Point was a pretty cool read. A stand alone but I advise to also read Flirting with Fire simply because it was awesome.




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