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I couldn’t put [this book]down and yep, I had lack of sleep because of this gem.”
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I’ve read several of JT Geissinger novels before and loved them, but for some reason, Burn For You (book one of this series) did not appeal to me.  However, Melt For You happen to fall into my list to review and I had to give it a go. I’m not sure why I doubted this series to start with and I shouldn’t have.  I’ve only rated this author’s books mostly four to five stars and Melt for You is no different.

Joellen is socially awkward, sweet, and at times naive, more often than I’d like her to be, but I suppose it comes with her personality and her past.  I do promise that there’s a reason for it. Despite her naivety, I really liked her. She’s sweet and she made me laugh. Since being in love with her boss, Joellen is determined to win his heart, but not quite sure how.  Her new neighbor seems to think he knows how and promises to help her. Of course, in exchange for some good cooking.

Cameron McGregor the rugby superstar, aka the neighbor, is of course,  Joellen’s opposite. He is confident, a little too confident at times and let me tell you, he has all the right to be.  Cam is ever so sexy, has appeal, and knows exactly what he wants. He is after all a rugby superstar. I find him even funnier than Joellen.

Truly enjoyed this book.  Again, I shouldn’t have avoided this series, to begin with.  I liked it so much that I went through this book lighting quick.   I couldn’t put it down and yep, I had lack of sleep because of this gem. It was amazing from start to end; the storyline, characters, humor, sexy banter, and that includes the author’s note.  Thank You, Ms Geissinger, for that note as I have two daughters myself.


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  1. Slow burns aren’t a favorite but I’ve read both books 1 & 2 and rteally enjoyed. The narrators for the audiobooks did a great job.