“It’s a cute and light romantic comedy.”
~ Under the Covers

Just as the title and the cover suggests, you’re in for a cute ride when you pick up MEET CUTE.  Kailyn has crushed on Dax since she was a teenager and he was a child actor and lead on her favorite TV show.  He quit acting after that show ended and went to college and that’s where the two met.  Eight years later they’re back in each others’ lives, both lawyers, and Dax needing Kailyn’s help navigating being the guardian of his younger sister after their parents death.

I found this book entertaining.  Kailyn is definitely a bit quirky and a total fangirl.  It can be cute at times and others maybe a little embarrassing.  But there was something endearing about her and that connection to Dax.  Dax on the other hand was totally oblivious at times, and others a little too cocky.  But overall, they were both really cute and they had good chemistry together.  The characters definitely were the stand outs in this one.

Having said that, I was expecting a bit more from this story. Some of the plot could’ve been fleshed out better in my opinion.  The major conflict between them was just a really easy one to throw into the story and I guess I wanted it to be more interesting than that.  But if you’re into stories with forced proximity, definitely give this one a try. It’s a cute and light romantic comedy.


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