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“Megtino elevates the hotness levels to off the charts!”
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Whenever a new book in this series comes out, I get super excited.  At the end of HARD WIRED I saw the interactions between Beau Starr and TrashyZane.  To say I was dying to see those two come together is an understatement.  And after reading MATURE CONTENT… lets just say the authors did not disappoint!  MATURE CONTENT was everything I was hoping for and more.

Beau Starr is a YouTuber with a huge following.  His image is that of the clean gay boy.  His channel focuses on being inspirational and uplifting, but that also means he always needs to be “on” even when he wants to at times just be real.  TrashyZane on the other hand is always real.  And has no problems airing all his dirty laundry for all his followers to see.  This is a classic enemies to lovers situation and that is just my catnip.

Add in to that the kink and Megtino elevates the hotness levels to off the charts!  This book is so hot it’ll leave you squirmy.  It’s all about that rough sex and domination.  These two were perfectly paired and complemented each other so well, but adding their “enemies” trope just added something more to it.  Couldn’t have asked for more, really.

But aside from the hotness (gahhh did I mention the hotness?) I think both characters were really developed well.  They are both dealing with their own personal demons and we get to see that and care for both of them individually as much as we are rooting for them to get together in the end.

MATURE CONTENT may just be battling for fave in series position which was firmly held by FAST CONNECTION.  Let’s just call it a tie and now hope that we can get more in this series.  I don’t think the authors have plans for writing more any time soon but I for one would love to see a Lyrix book (I can’t believe I said that!).  But I also hope this isn’t the last we see of these two writing together, they are one of my fave writing teams at the moment.




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