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“Their chemistry was intense”
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Master Professor begins a brand new series from Tara Sue Me.  I’ve been a huge fan of her Submissive series for years and I was intrigued at what direction she’s go with this one.  You won’t be disappointed if you’d hoped for more BDSM (the title should make this obvious).  Andie Lincoln is an aspiring chef dating one of Hollywood’s elite actors, Terrence Knight.  She discovered early on in the relationship that Terrence is a Dominant.  Unfortunately, Andie has no experience with kink in the bedroom, but she thinks she can rise to the occasion and become what Terrence hopes: his submissive.  Sometimes it’s who you know and Andie manages to land a spot training at a remote island BDSM facility.  Her arrival is met with some skepticism by Fulton Matthews, director of incoming students and Dominant.  Thousands of applications were passed up to offer Andie her spot and he wants Andie to prove that she deserves her place among the recruits.  When Andie’s assigned Dom-trainee parter leaves unexpectedly, the numbers are uneven and Fulton takes the opportunity to partner with her.  Working in such close proximity might be a bad idea…Andie finds her submissive desires are fanned by Fulton in ways she never imagined, making her question whether Terrence is really who she needs.

I will admit that when I read the premise of Master Professor, I was a little disappointed.  I find myself drawn to academic kinksters and the title deceived me a little.  The premise of a BDSM training facility has been well done, especially in classic BDSM literature, from The Story of O to The Marketplace.  I prepared myself for something a bit cliché.  I have to admit, however, that Me never disappoints me when I get down to the story itself.  While the overreaching premise or plot may be something we’ve seen before, what drew me into the story was the depth of emotional attachment between Andie and Fulton.  Their chemistry was intense and this made for some play scenes that held my full, undivided attention.  There isn’t an overwhelming about of sex in this book.  It’s spaced very sparsely.  But what we do get is  blistering hot.  It has everything to do with the way Me constructs her sex scenes.  There’s no awkwardness, no squishy language, and there’s enough unique and novel play to make you gasp a little.  I found the emotional connection to be genuine and Andie’s confusion to be understandable.  Fulton remained and still remains a bit of a mystery to me.  We get a little of his difficult past explained to us.  He caused Andie enough heartache at times to make me genuinely pissed at him, but he did make up for it in the end.  Things came together a little too quickly for my tastes, but all in all, this was a very enjoyable and quick read.  It’s not too too heavy on the BDSM and therefore good for novices.




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