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“…if you fancy something light hearted and funny then Marcun is the book for you.”
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Marcun is a Sky Warrior, a winged alien species that travel as part of a small pack. They travel together, work together and eventually will share the same mate. Marcun has to go to Earth as a human and is tasked with watching Eden Summers a human woman. He moves in next door and before he realises it, he seems to have become part of Eden’s life. She is no longer his target or a job, she is his future mate. And only his mate. He will not share her with his pack, even if it means he has to leave the pack and his brothers behind.

This is the start of a new series by Sadie Carter. Although if you have read the Zerconian Warriors series (which, you should!) you may find the characters familiar. However, you don’t have to have read the other series to read and understand this, they just happen to be set in the same universe. And what a universe! First the sexy Zerconian Warriors and now the silver skinned and winged Sky Warriors.

Once I started reading Marcun I found it really hard to put down, I loved this book. Marcun was an irresistible combination of grumpy, clueless and fierce. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Eden was down on her luck due to conniving ex-husband running off with all her money and leaving Eden’s bakery close to bankruptcy. However, she is determined to make it work despite everything falling apart around her. She was an easy character to like and root for. The romance between them was a great mixture of sweet as despite Marcun towering over her curvy figure Eden felt protective over him and sexy.

But, what I liked most was the humour, I was grinning like an idiot when I was reading this. I love the trope of hero-is-fish-outta-water-and-strangely-innocent. Marcun doesn’t have a clue about Earth and their customs and it’s funny to watch…especially as Eden watches in concern and tries to mother him whilst trying not to drool. There was no particular in depth  or exciting story in this book, it was all a vehicle to push Marcun and Eden together and fall in love. However, for me Marcun and Eden were strong enough characters that they were enough to keep me happy and loving the book.

A brilliant start to a new series by Sadie Carter, I will definitely be reading the next book as soon as I possibly can. If anyone liked her Zerconian Warriors series or if you fancy something light hearted and funny then Marcun is the book for you.

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