“You have the double whammy of some real cute kids, combined by an adorable hero who can’t quite believe his luck.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m a fan of sweet things, this mainly entails consuming copious amounts of chocolate, cake and ice-cream, but, at times, my sweet tooth can also strike in my taste in books as well. When such cravings kick in, the Treasured by an Alien series is the perfect way to sate my hunger. You have the double whammy of some real cute kids, combined by an adorable hero who can’t quite believe his luck.

So far, there are two books out in this series Mama and the Alien Warrior which starts with the familiar let’s-kidnap-human-women-for-nefarious-purposes plot. But, she’s quickly saved by our deliciously, alien (green, scaly, has a tail) hero. But, not before her and her daughter have bonded with an alien baby who was also held captive with them.

The second book A Son for the Alien Warrior has our heroine searching for her missing sister. Her search leads her to stow away on an alien spaceship…where she is immediately discovered. Luckily, the guy who finds her is undercover and one of the good guys and he takes her to our alien hero (again, green, scaly, has tail), who agrees to help her look for her sister.

I adored both these books, I sat and read them in one sitting and it just left me wanting more. If you’ve read Honey Phillips before, which I have, then this isn’t quite her usual brand of super sexy erotic alien romance, instead this errs more on the sweet side. It’s still has some delicious sexy times in it, but, it also has the added cuteness of building a family.

If you love your alien romances, then you need to pick these up. They are great quick reads that will leave you with a big ol’ cheesy grin on your face


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  1. It’s been some time that I had read an alien romance. But the covers are #Adorbs. Thanks for the wonderful review, Suzanne. ?

  2. I haven’t read any of Honey’s books but I’m in love with Bex McLynn’s Ladyships series (Thanemonger and Bane), so this was on my radar. Thanks for the review.