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“So, if you haven’t picked this up yet, why not? You won’t regret it.”
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Do you even need me to review this book at this point? You must all know by now how much I adore this series, so my 5 star rating should come as no surprise. The Kate Daniels has reeled me in and 9 books and many novellas later I am still flapping about on the deck desperately gasping for more.

In this instalment of the series Kate has to really face ownership of the city means both for her personally and for Atlanta. Is she just starting to tread the same path as her father and is destined to become just like him? Kate is left with some hard choices, ones that have the power to destroy everything and everyone she loves.

Kate Daniels is one of my favourite heroine’s, although she personifies the kind of tough, leather wearing, sword wielding stereotype that UF is cursed with. She just does it so much better than everyone else. Because she is all those things, but she is also intelligent, perceptive and although she hates it a little completely vulnerable when it comes to people she loves. Not that she would have it any other way…most the time. In this book we watch Kate struggle with the burden that claiming Atlanta has put her under. And I loved seeing it; her struggling with the moral complexities and mire of power she could easily be bogged down with. It makes it an interesting read, because in this book, the struggle isn’t just with who has the fastest shiniest sword (Kate obviously though!) it’s the internal struggle as well.

Or maybe I am reading too much into it? Either way, I enjoyed this aspect of Magic Binds. Curran is also a central character in this series and the relationship between him and Kate continues to grow as they face these new challenges together. Including the planning of a wedding. We also have the appearance of all the other players in Kate’s life, all combining to making not only this book, but this series a complex, interesting and funny adventure.

So, if you haven’t picked this up yet, why not? You won’t regret it.



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  1. I can’t wait to read but it’s not on audible yet, I see the MP3 CD for sale. Why oh why are they making me wait, the horror.