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“It was a cancel-all-plans and ditch-your-loved-ones kind of book because there’s no chance of being dragged away from its’ pages until you reach the final one.”
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Mariana Zapata has fast become one of my favourite authors. Her slow burn friends-to-lovers romances are utterly captivating. Luna and the Lie was no different. Once again Zapata has nailed it and written a book that I could not put down. It was a cancel-all-plans and ditch-your-loved-ones kind of read because there’s no chance of being dragged away from its pages until you reach the final one.

What I loved about Luna and the Lie, and indeed all the romances penned by Zapata, is the way she takes time to build up the relationship between Luna and Ripley. It’s a complex kind of relationship, he’s Luna’s unforgiving and stern boss, the guy she has a huge crush on and an almost friend. I loved how Zapata slowly brought them closer together and the romance you could never imagine blooming on page 1 went on to seem inevitable by page 500.

Another reason to love this book…grumpy hero. I adore a grumpy hero and although Ripley does step over the ‘grumpy’ line and straight into asshole territory on occasion he always manages to wrangle forgiveness from me. Because, there is nothing I love more than a grumpy hero with a marshmallow heart, apart from a grumpy hero who only has a marshmallow heart for his gal which is exactly what we have with Ripley. Which, is in direct contrast with Luna who despite having a horrible past, is determinedly optimistic, friendly and loving. She was a great heroine, it’s so easy to make the typical “heroine with a dark past” who has the requisite bad attitude, I thought Luna’s bright and cheery personality, her determination to make the best of what she has a refreshing read.

A great romance, Zapata has firmly cemented herself as one of my all time favourite authors. Luna and the Lie was a great read, I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to get my hands on whatever she is working on next.


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