“LOVING LADY DERVISH is adorably charming!”
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I have been a fan of the Veiled Seduction series since I cracked the first book open.  The reason why is I love the characters and the writing.  Heather Snow has a beautiful way with words, and her characters, the heroines especially, are strong, independent and smart.  I must’ve missed this novella when it released as part of an anthology so I was really excited to be getting a new to me story by a favorite author I hadn’t read in a while.

LOVING LADY DERVISH is adorably charming!  The heroine is not the classy “lady” you would expect to find in society.  She’s a free spirit, she has hopes and dreams.  And she’s desperately seeing to break out of the  female mold society wants to box her in.  Marriage is not at the top of her priorities.  She has a passion for nature and wants to one day become an author in the subject.  Today, she’s trying her hardest to get her foot in the door for her career.

But her family has other plans, and she’s resorted to faking a courtship with her childhood friend and neighbor, Malcolm Gray.  Fake courtship quickly turns into real love that stemmed from a lifelong friendship.

I loved Phoebe’s personality, her aspirations and determinations to follow her dreams.  And once Malcolm was introduced, I couldn’t help but fall for his steady personality.  He’s the perfect match for her!  This short novella packed in everything that it had to.  Their feelings developed nicely and weren’t rushed.  I think I always have an easier time with that when the characters have had a long connection before, like in this case.  But I found this novella so enjoyable and I can’t wait to get more books by Ms. Snow in the near future!

If you haven’t tried this series yet, then be sure to put it on your must read lists.  I’ve always said this is a hidden gem in the historical romance genre.




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