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“the twists and turns, and excitements pick up at a decent pace.” ~ Under the Covers

Callie Delgado is forced to take over the soul collecting business when the Soul Charmer disappears. While she had come to some of her powers, it’s not to her fullest potential just yet. With the Soul Charmer out of the picture, a fight for power will be at play. Someone is out to take all the business and Callie will have to step up and protect it. The question is will she be strong enough to do the job.

Callie takes a huge turn in her character development in this installment. Realizing there’s more to the soul collecting business, the more motivated she is to make things right. Callie truly takes control not only of her situation but the soul collecting business. I love seeing her step up to the role.

I admire her loyalty to her family though it’s the only thing that holds her back from doing what she’s supposed to do. It’s frustrating to see them treat her bad but I suppose she has Derek to keep her balanced. I love that he ’s the constant in her life. This guy is perfectly content letting Callie do her thing yet support her in every way. He’s hot to boot.

The story started out slow for me but it picked up at about thirty to forty percent in. After that, the twists and turns, and excitements pick up at a decent pace. There were some questions unanswered in the end but I’m assuming they will be revealed in the next installment. I’m excited to learn more if what Callie will do with her current predicament.



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