Loose Ends Volume One by Kristen Ashley presents a perfect opportunity for a KA Virgin to take the plunge.

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Loose Ends by Kristen Ashley

Loose Ends Volume One by Kristen Ashley

October 23, 2018

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  • Marriage in trouble
  • Protector hero
  • Second chances

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Loose Ends Volume One by Kristen Ashley left me at loose ends pun intended ha-ha because unfortunately where Kristen Ashley books are concerned I am super greedy and always want more! This book is a wonderful series of visits to many characters we have come to know and love from her various works. Some characters which were not the focus in prior reads take on leading roles, and tie their own love stories in a beautiful bow. Other favorite treasures just show us more of their fabulous lives moving forward. This book also presents a perfect opportunity for a KA Virgin to take the plunge, after reading the wonderful teasing tidbits you will be making a visit to her backlist.

For those of you familiar with her many works, families etc. Get ready to visit with some favorites from The Burg, Heaven and Hell, Rock Chick badass land, The Honey Series and, The Unfinished Heroes. I look forward too many more releases such as this which has reignited all the wonderment I experienced amongst these characters the first time around. That wonderment to me is priceless and something I can always rely on with a Kristen Ashley read. Now go read on get your KA fix or get ready to fall in love with a new to you author.

See you soon around next release day (fingers crossed I continue to be blessed with the privilege), until then I will revisit so many characters I love from the KA world with some outstanding rereads.

Excerpt from Loose Ends Volume One by Kristen Ashley


“I’ll always love you. Until my dying breath.”

The melting stopped.

Oh no.

What was this?

“Me too, honey,” she replied. “But—”

“Just that,” he cut her off. “Just wanted you to know…” His head did a strange jerk on the mattress before he finished, “that.”

“Is there something you wanna talk about?”

“No, just want you to know. Just want you never to forget that.”

Oh no.

What was this?

“I won’t. Not ever,” she promised.

“Good,” he murmured.

“D?” she called.


“I love you too, until my dying breath.”

He shifted into her, still holding her in his arms, but taking her slightly to her back, giving her some of his weight and a lot of his warmth, not just his body, in his face, from his beautiful blue eyes.

“I know, sweetheart.”

“And there’s nothing that will make me stop,” she vowed.

“I know,” he repeated.

“And I’m always there for you,” she kept at him.

He touched his mouth to hers, lifted only a bit away, and whispered, “I know, Molly.”

She pushed her hand from his chest up to cup his jaw, taking a chance, needing him to know she knew him, read him, worried for him, was there for him.

“I know you’re struggling with something,” she said quietly.

His eyes closed down.

But she didn’t stop.

“And I’ll be there, Maddox will be there, we’ll always be there, so we’ll definitely be there when you get to the other side,” she said.

He looked her over, muttering like he wasn’t actually talking to her, “What did I do to deserve you?”

Sunflowers, she thought.

“You’re the shit, remember?” she teased.

He tried to hide the relief he felt that she was lightening the conversation, failed, but grinned at her through it and said, “Right. For a second I forgot how totally fucking awesome I am.”

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