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“The story flowed and it had an equal amount of love action and suspense.”
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Charley, attorney, and federal prosecutor, inadvertently put herself in a dangerous predicament.  Not trained for it, but she now has to work undercover with US Marshal Mason Decker.  The goal, among catching the diamond smugglers, is to catch or break up the notorious Faction Five.  Members of this group are of power and plans to control the system. Working close together, Charley and Mason will learn to trust each other and in the process, exploring feelings they both have.

Charley and Mason are two very intense characters and I’m surprised that they were a good match.  Charley is very strong minded and independent to the core.  Mason, on the other hand, is very alpha and somehow, they didn’t clash.  Actually, they were very sweet and their banter made me laugh.  Of course, Baxter didn’t forget the steam factor.  The sexual tension was high and these two were hot!!!

Mason’s relationship with his brother was both heartwarming and heartbreaking.  I wish there was more of it.  And same goes for Charley and her father. Would’ve been great to see more of their interactions.  

I enjoyed this new addition to the US Marshals series.  I actually like this better than the last .  The story flowed and it had an equal amount of love action and suspense.  Though I thought the suspense was lighter, it was a perfect amount for me.  I’m curious to see where Baxter will take this series.  There are a few secondary characters that I would see get a book of their own.




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