“LINE BRAWL is hot and emotional.  It was fun to visit with the old boys and even more fun to fall in love with Pischlar.”
~ Under the Covers

We have come to the eight book in the Dartmouth Cobras series, and this is one I always look forward to because of each book shows a kinky relationship with quite a bit of emotional depth.  Even though I need to suspend belief that EVERY member of this hockey team is kinky and bisexual (what are the odds!!!).

I know the blurb doesn’t really say much about who Pischlar ends up with and I kind of want to write this review without giving away any spoilers that the author might not want out there.  But I will say this.  The m/m relationship that is formed and explored from the very beginning of this book was THE BEST!  I loved that push and pull the one character had with coming to terms with what he wanted, how the tables were turned on “Easy” and he had to work to keep his man once he realized there was no denying his feelings and desires.  Their chemistry was sizzling and their connection was true.

With every book in this series we come to care more for this whole group of characters.  The way Ms. Sommerland connects past characters in the storyline has always been a favorite aspect of mine because it builds that love for the whole group instead of just focusing on the one we are featuring in the current book.  LINE BRAWL is no different in that respect, and I loved every bit we get to see of other/past characters.  The good and the bad.  The way they deal with real things, in real ways.  The ways their love and relationships change and evolve.  And she does this in a way that makes perfect sense in between the new romance that is developing.  That is my absolute favorite thing about this series.

There is one thing that kept annoying me, and quite frankly that is just me not liking a character.  But it was a big part of this book and probably why I couldn’t rate this higher because this dislike for her tainted my enjoyment at times.  For the sake of not giving spoilers since I’m not sure what’s common knowledge or not, let’s just say I wanted everyone to stop coddling this one girl and leave her on the street to fend for herself.  She just took advantage every where she went and everyone kept thinking she deserved another shot.  NO SHE DIDN’T!  Ughhhhh it made me so mad, I can’t even think about it now.  And I’m scared that in the future she may be part of a book and an HEA.  I may not be able to cope with that.

LINE BRAWL is hot and emotional.  It was fun to visit with the old boys and even more fun to fall in love with Pischlar.




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  1. I can so relate that one annoying character that ruins the reading experience. I’ll hope she doesn’t get an HEA…thanks for the review Francesca

  2. That’s the worst when just one aspect of a book ruins it for the rest of the book… night broken by Patricia Briggs had this…