“It’s definitely a feel good book…”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been wanting to read this book since it came out!  In 2018 I started reading a bit more Women’s Fiction, which has been a genre I neglect, and found I really enjoyed the stories.  I love seeing a character’s journey and growth and how they often center around friendships or family.

LIGHTHOUSE BEACH is all about friendships.  It’s told in multiple POV but I would there’s one main protagonist of this story which is Lillo Gray.  Her family used to run a “fat camp” when she was a kid and she made a strong friendship and connection with one of the rich attendees, Jessica Parker.  They haven’t spoken for many years until she gets an invite to Jessica’s wedding and decides to attend.  But things quickly explode when right before the wedding, Lillo, Jessica and Jessica’s college friends Diana and Allie find the groom cheating on Jessica.  So they all run away and decide to hide out in Lillo’s small town.

I think each of these women have their own issues to work through and this small town has a way of helping them see how to leave their past behind.  I really enjoyed seeing that and how the bonds of friendship helped each of the women deal with those issues and have the strength to face them head on.

There’s a touch of romance in this book as well.  I wanted a little more of a resolution on that front in this book because I felt as some was left hanging in the end to be continued.  So the ending left me just a tad dissatisfied on that front.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story.  It’s definitely a feel good book and I’ll be on the look out for more from this author.


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