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When Lev Leokov catches a bedraggled woman stealing his brother’s wallet, he can’t help but…want to help her. She brings out emotions, feelings in him that he is told he is incapable of. Mina Harris is starving. She knows if she doesn’t get money or something to eat soon she’s going to die. However, she didn’t know stealing someones wallet would change her life so dramatically, and for the better. Lev offers what she has always wanted, a warm bed, food and a job…either that or the cops. She’ll take her chances with Lev.

I’m in love. Belle Aurora now has me seriously considering going to ‘gentleman’s clubs’, as she euphemistically calls strip clubs, and stealing scary Russians wallets. It may be worth the danger for a chance of some Lev lovin’. Thankfully I pulled myself back, I’m pretty sure with my luck, if I went round pinching guys wallets I would just get nicked and the chances of any sexy Russians living in my area who will swoop to my rescue are slim to none. Dream dashed.

Anyway, enough of my sordid fantasies and more on Lev the first book in Belle Aurora’s Shot Callers series. As you can tell, I really enjoyed it, consumed it in one sitting and was left desperately wanting more. It was sweet, funny and sexy, stuffed to the brim with really likable characters who I can’t wait to see more about in the future.

The stars in this book though were Lev and Mina. Lev is a little different, he has trouble recognising and processing emotions, which to some makes him seem emotionless and means he doesn’t always react the way someone else would. Mina has been homeless for seven years, and when she enters the story, she is emaciated, dirty and desperate. But, despite how dark these aspects have the potential to become, this isn’t a dark romance that focuses on Mina’s bad experiences on the street, or Lev’s struggle with his emotions and relationships. In fact, it mainly glosses over this, especially Mina’s homelessness and this is instead a really sweet romance.

I really liked that this book showed Mina developing relationships with more than just Lev, although they were the main focus, it showed her building friendships and finding her place within Lev’s family. This meant we got a bit of backstory about each of the characters, who I am sure will eventually get their own book eventually, and made it seem like you were being embraced by the whole family, a family I can’t wait to get back to.

However, this book is almost a carbon copy of Belle Aurora’s Friend-Zoned series, which I also enjoy, the set up is similar as are the characters, which makes sense as Shot Callers is a spin off. So don’t expect any surprises from Lev, what you can expect though is a few laughs, a lot of aww moments and a great time, I highly recommend  you give it a chance.



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