Legacy of Temptation by Larissa Ione kicks off the Demonica Birthright series with a thrilling, sexy enemies-to-lovers romance packed with action and intense chemistry.

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Legacy of Temptation by Larissa Ione

Legacy of Temptation by Larissa Ione

Demonica Birthright #1
February 6, 2024

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  • Enemies to lovers
  • Good vs evil
  • Forbidden romance

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Ready for the thrilling and romantically intense ride of the season? The Demonica series is back! Legacy of Temptation by Larissa Ione is a thrilling start to the Demonica Birthright series, and boy, does it deliver. This spin-off from the Demonica series introduces us to the next generation, and it’s packed with all the sexy, action-packed goodness you’d expect.

Our hero, Logan, is the son of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Death, no biggie). Since birth, the Aegis organization has been trying to kill him. Enter Eva, an Aegis agent, a demon-slaying organization, and she hates demons. She’s part of a two-week exchange program with the Demon Activity Response Team (DART), not knowing they’re actual demons. Awkward.

Things go sideways fast when one of Eva’s colleagues kills Logan’s teammate, forcing Eva and Logan to go on the run together as forced allies. The chemistry and banter between these two is off the charts. The action is intense, the stakes are high, and the romance? Total fire.

Can you read this if you haven’t read the Demonica series? Absolutely. The author does a great job at giving you all the backstory you need to know and there is no connecting plot line to the Demonica series besides that. But while I think you can enjoy this book even if you haven’t read where it came from, this is one of the series we consider must read in the paranormal romance genre. You don’t really want to miss all that, do you?

Legacy of Temptation encompasses everything I love about the Demonica series. The battle of good versus evil, forbidden romances and some of the most action-packed and intense stories in the whole of paranormal romance. Larissa Ione has a way of keeping you on the edge of your seat, not just for the romance but for the actual plot and battles. And the romance between this demon hunter and the son of one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse will have you cheering for the demons’ side.

Spicy enemies to lovers, pulse pounding fast-paced action, this book felt as comforting as coming back home and as exciting as a movie.

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