“This is a perfect short and cute pick me up kind of book, light on the holiday cheer.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m probably always really hard when I read standalone novellas.  It’s not an easy thing to impress me enough to make the story stand out and they often get 3 star ratings when I do enjoy them.  I’m starting with that information because I don’t want it to seem that I didn’t enjoy this book.  It’s probably one of my favorite novellas that Whitney G. has released in a little while.  I feel like I tend to get a little annoyed at some of the others and the repetitive storylines.  This one stands out from that crowd.

Nathan is a cop and new in town.  Christina is a baker and owns her own business.  They’re setup to go on a blind date and then Nathan is super late and doesn’t even apologize.  I was thinking this would be the standard jerk hero that I’ve come to know Whitney G for writing, but this wasn’t like that at all.  Nathan is actually really sweet!

The problem with novellas is that relationships often feel rushed and there isn’t enough time to develop a connection or to really get to know the characters, in my opinion.  That was the case for me here.  While I found Nathan and Christina incredibly adorable and the story is very cute, it lacked substance.  But it really all comes to down to what you’re in the mood for.  This is a perfect short and cute pick me up kind of book, light on the holiday cheer.


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  1. And that is exactly why I don’t read novellas. Everything feels rushed and underdeveloped that I am almost always left disappointed.

  2. I enjoyed this review. I wanted to check this one first because I’ve actually read this author before. I find I often feel the same way, although I did really like the full length Whitney G. I read. But it’s really difficult to fully develop the characters in such a short story and manage to give them believable emotional development. I’m not saying that’s what happened here, because I didn’t get the opportunity to read it, but I can well imagine the development of the romance would also seemed rushed. It can be done and can be done well, but it’s very tricky…

    Thanks for the great review – just found your blog and I’m really enjoying it.