“It was a good story to pass a lazy afternoon listening to but I don’t think it’s left me itching to read more by this author.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve seen Kerry Lonsdale around the pages of Amazon for a while and keep meaning to pick up one of her books.  So when I saw LAST SUMMER was recently released it seemed like a perfect book to read this summer and finally give her  try.  I wasn’t sure if this was a mystery, a thriller or a women’s fiction novel going in.  I think I’m going to settle for a women’s fiction in the end.

LAST SUMMER follows our main protagonist Ella.  She wakes up in a hospital with no recollections of the last week or so of her life.  She was in a car accident and is recovering from her injuries, but she also has selective amnesia.  She doesn’t remember being pregnant and losing that baby in the accident.  As she tries to figure out why there are things she can’t remember and what her husband is hiding from her, she has to get back to her job as a lifestyle journalist.  She quickly goes on an assignment to interview a retired celebrity adventurer and that starts bringing back her past.  There are things there that maybe she will wish were left forgotten.

First of all, let’s talk about the writing.  Ms. Lonsdale style is very easy going and it was easy to follow along and stay interested even when perhaps I didn’t find the storyline to be grabbing me as much as I wanted.  There’s something laid back about this book.  The pacing is a little slow which is probably one of the things that made me enjoy this story a little less.  But overall, I think the one point that made me not connect with this book as much as I wanted to is the fact that I never really cared for our protagonist.  The more we found out, the more I didn’t necessarily like her and that feeling didn’t change at the end.

It was a good story to pass a lazy afternoon listening to but I don’t think it’s left me itching to read more by this author.  But I could be tempted with the right blurb next time.



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