“LAKE SILENCE exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to get to know Vicki DeVine more!”
~ Under the Covers

Meg and Simon’s story has wrapped up in the last book so I was very curious to see what Anne Bishop was going to do with this book. LAKE SILENCE features a new heroine named Vicki DeVine and she was a very nice surprise. I really took a liking to her character. If you enjoy the humorous characters of the first books in the series, then I’m sure you’ll get on with Vicki’s style of humor and personality. I feel like she’s the brighter counterpart to Meg’s narration, which is a nice change and a refreshing breath for the series.

The narrations from the other characters, however, are much more like Meg’s so if you worry about the lighter tone, there’s still plenty of that dark and mysterious vibe from the others. I still believe it stays in tune with the first books in the series, but I possibly enjoy Vicki’s narration better. We’ll see as the series continues.

The world continues to build with this book and it’s probably one of my favorite things about this series. There is a lot going on so I do think it’s best to read the series from the very beginning. You’ll get mentions of the others but this definitely has a different focus.

LAKE SILENCE exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to get to know Vicki DeVine more!




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