“None of these books are ever repetitive and they always have a great obstacle that the characters must overcome.   This was no different and quite a fast paced read.”
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And so it comes to an end.  I have gone through a lot of ups and downs with the Kitty Norville series, and I admit that I skipped the previous book in this series as it was about Cormac.  Why, you may ask?  Well, a lot of my issues with this series center around his character.  Because I LOVE his character so much.  And I really dislike where his storyline went from quite early on in this series.  Instead of being bitchy about his one solo story, I decided to skip.  I know nothing good awaited for me there, and I considered dropping the series altogether.  But then this came up and I saw it was the end.  And my OCD told me you have to know what happens.

KITTY SAVES THE WORLD is action packed and wraps up storylines that were previously started.  It is a good wrap up book to consolidate this series and if you’ve been a fan all along this will be a great end cap.  I tried to put my issues aside and just enjoy this book for what the author gave us, and I managed to enjoy the story.

Kitty is still a very real character.  She struggles with the chaos in the paranormal world and the fact that the responsibility to save the world depends solely on her.  But all she really wants in the end is to be normal.  Enjoy life with her husband Ben, run with her pack, maybe have a couple of kids that call her mom running around.  She knows a lot of that is not in the cards for her, but that doesn’t take away the desire.

I found myself liking her again because of that.  There’s something very real and human about her character in this book.  And she is still very much kick ass.

Then we have Ben.  I came to terms with the fact he’s her mate.  And learned to like him in this book.  No, I’m not happy.  No, I’m not satisfied.  But he is a good mate for her and I saw a ruthless side to him that would do anything and risk anything to protect her.

I was glad to not see a lot of Cormac in this book.  God, it hurts to say that.  I didn’t want to deal with the Amelia issues in his head or see a lot more of that, so his presence is nice but he’s a side character here and I was ok with that.  The one reference that is made at the what ifs might’ve hit too close to home.

I loved the actual conflict.  As usual with this series, that is something Carrie Vaughn does very well.  None of these books are ever repetitive and they always have a great obstacle that the characters must overcome.   This was no different and quite a fast paced read.

I am happy to have read this, but I’m also ok with letting go of this world.  KITTY SAVES THE WORLD was a bittersweet end for me.

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  1. I stopped after book 6 because of where she went with cormac, kitty and ben. I tried but there were/are too many other books to read to waste my time on a disappointing storyline.

  2. Thanks for the review. I am a few books behind, I really didn’t care for the last two I read. I know I’m the minority and am fine that she ended up with Ben. I always liked him. I too do not like the Cormac / Amelia storyline. Glad this is a good ending to the series and will be adding it to my TBR pile eventually.