“…Pokemon battle kept popping up in my head.” ~ Under the Covers

I wanted to like this book so much, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was at 27% until I finally gave up.  Let me first say that this book has potential. The writing is good and the character development was at a good start.  I was interested to know more about Leena’s adventure in searching for beasts and the politics that went around it was intriguing.

Unfortunately, with the recent release of the Pokemon movie, I just couldn’t get that idea out of the story.  I attempted to see the story more of The Fantastic Beast” theme as mentioned in other reviews, but the Pokemon battle kept popping up in my head. After putting the book off several times a quarter in, I had to give up.

As I said, I think the book has potential.  From the little I read, the character development and storyline was off to a good start.  Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into the idea of it all.


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  1. I struggled with this one as well, kept putting it down and picking it back up and eventually finished it but didn’t love it.

  2. I definitely did not get a fantastic beasts vibe from this at all but I did like it, I think more for the, as you said, potential. There were parts that were slow and kind of basic, but yes, the politics involving the beasts and the characters will have me reading book 2.