Review: Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone
Jane Doe
Book Info

Released: August 1, 2018
Genre: Thriller
Series: Jane Doe #1
Pages: 267

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“There was something viscerally satisfying about this book. ”
~ Under the Covers

Jane knows there’s one person responsible for her best friend Meg’s death. The ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately for him, he tangled with the wrong woman, because now nothing will stop Jane from destroying him and everything he loves. Insinuating herself in to his life as his next victim she will find out all his dark, dirty secrets and destroy him from the inside out. Or maybe she’ll just kill him, she hasn’t decided yet.

This is my first Victoria Helen Stone aka Victoria Dahl book and it absolutely will not be my last. I loved it. This was a fast paced psychological thriller told from a unique perspective; Jane, our heroine, is a self confessed sociopath. Incapable of processing and feeling emotion the way most people do. Apart from with her best friend. The only person in the world that Jane loved.

This was a fascinating read full of interesting questions. Was what Jane felt really love? It was a strange selfish love, where Jane values Meg for the connection she provides to the world and a prism through which she can experience things that are outside her facility to feel. However, she unquestionably felt something powerful enough to drive her to enact a revenge plot.

And what a plot! There was something viscerally satisfying about this book. Stephen, the ex-boyfriend, was so horrifying in his abuse. With his sly manipulations and radar for vulnerable women he could take apart, piece by piece. It was truely a joy to see Jane work, despite the moral ambiguity of what she was doing, it paled in comparison to the crimes that Stephen had committed.

This felt a lot like You by Caroline Kepnes, but with a faster pace and didn’t end with you feeling like you’d been duped. In You Joe, the main character, takes you on a twisted journey in his mind and stalks unlikable but relatively innocent victims. But you’re in his head and it’s hard not to be swept up in his twisted logic. In Jane Doe, Jane may be sociopath, but she just happens to be on the side of justice, even if it’s not lawful allowing you to finish the book feeling vindicated.

This was such an interesting read, it’s exciting, funny (in a Killing Eve kind of way) and I found it impossible to put down. If you want something a little different to read, I highly recommend giving this a try.

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