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“Ty’s backstory killed me”. ~ Under the Covers

Keri Lake has a reputation for her heartbreaking, sexy, action packed, and sometimes violent novels.  Okay, most of the time violent, but also uplifting kind of books. Sort of. Such in this story where the protagonists were seriously wronged in the past but later get rectification.

This third installment is about Ty who has set his mind on revenge on the people who has wronged him in the past. As he plans his last heist, he gets more than what he bargains for in a form of love.  A love he doesn’t understand.

Ty’s backstory killed me.  I cringed each time his POv came up.  I literally had to take a deep breaths before going further, and a few times I had to take a break.  My only reprieve was that I knew he lived through it all and that he will make things to right. Another reprieve is Sera’s POVs. Though she had her share of a bad past, she remained a fresh breath of air.  I thought her innocence was a good break and a good balance to the very dark story. Kudos to that Ms. Lake, and kudos for another fine read.


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