“INTO THE BLUE made my heart beat fast.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ll be honest.  When I finished book 1, the HEA I was dying to read about was Easy and I was a bit bummed that it was going to be book 3 instead of this one.  So I went into reading INTO THE BLUE dragging my feet a bit and thinking… “Mehhh I wasn’t all that interested in Thor!”  But what a turnaround this was for me.

INTO THE BLUE is now my favorite so far in this series!  This is a sweet second chance at love about a couple that were just made for each other, but the reality of military life got in the way of their HEA before.  It packs all the emotional depth I love to see in a romance without the unnecessary drama and angst.  And the author does this beautifully and engaging the reader right along.  And yeah, I couldn’t help but swoon at Thor from the very first scene.  His love for Becca is palpable from the first time he sees her after ten years, and I was hooked.

Eric was engaged to Becca when they were both so young.  She had dreams of having a family, and roots, in her hometown while becoming a lawyer.  Eric….wanted to fly.  He made some immature decisions and broke both their hearts.  But now he’s hoping for the second chance he knows he may not deserve.  He just has to prove to Becca she can trust him with her heart again.

This book deals with some serious issues as well as Eric is going through PTSD and the fact that it was affecting his performance in the air became too obvious, so he takes some time off and goes on a vacation back home.  It was interesting to see this aspect explored more.

And then there’s the main characters.  I loved them together, but also individually.  Eric was so sweet that I couldn’t help but fall for him right away.  And I had great admiration for Becca.  She’s strong and independent, but not harsh.  She’s become successful on her own and she doesn’t want to just put her life and desires in second place to someone else’s. And she knows she deserves that.  It was a lot of fun to see these two work towards that HEA.  Tentative at first, desperate at others.

INTO THE BLUE made my heart beat fast.  It was so engaging.  I felt every look and every smile right along with the characters.  The love, the heart break, the loss.  I was really happy in how things worked out in the end as well instead of taking an easy way out of the situation.  Both characters are STILL who they are, they just find a way to make that work for the other person and show that when love is worth it, you have to work for it.

This is definitely a series I’ll be continuing.  If you’re like me and are dying to read Easy’s story (especially after the bit we got in this book) then I suggest you skip the teaser at the back 😉  It’ll only leave you wanting more now.  I’ll start getting the tissues ready for his.




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  1. I wasn’t expecting Thor’s story next either, but I was happy with it once I got it. Yes, this pair really tugged at my heart. But glad Easy is next.