“My heart has only just stopped racing…”
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My heart has only just stopped racing after reading Into the Black Nowhere. Gardiner has once again written an nail-biting thriller in the second in her UNSUB series. In this book a serial killer reminiscent of Ted Bundy is kidnapping and killing women, using his charm to get them under his control before he dominates them completely and then murders them. Caitlin Hendrix is now part of the FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit and has been called to consult on the case and although they identify the murderer, there is only circumstantial evidence connecting him to the crimes…but is Caitlin doesn’t stop him he will kill again and soon.

If anyone is a fan of the TV programme Criminal Minds, like I am, than I think you will adore these books. Caitlin is now in the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) and hunting down some of the worse criminals in the US. What I found made this so creepy, is that I am fairly familiar with many true crime cases, including Ted Bundy, which this story is based on, so I know how close this played with reality. This isn’t some supernatural super villain. It’s the charismatic and handsome psycho next door.

But, even if you aren’t aware how closely Into the Black Nowhere reflects some true life cases, it’s still extremely atmospheric and scary. Gardiner does a great job drawing you into the story and keeping you on the edge of your seat, as this story isn’t so much of a whodunit – you find out fairly quickly – but more of a prove-he-dun-it. Which, I found ratcheted up the tension and frustration so much more.

As well as the fast moving and exciting story, we also burrow further into Caitlin’s life, which has changed since the first book and traumatic events that happened. I liked that we got to know her a little more, it made her more than just a caricature of an FBI agent and more of a character in her own right. Although, the main focus of this book is less character development and more the plot of the story.

A great book and with the way this one ended, I now NEED to read the next one as soon as possible! If you love thrillers or just fancy a book to give you a small scare than you definitely need to give this series a try.


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  1. Awesome review suzanne!! I put this book on my tbr gr list!! Shared on all my socials!!